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Why is text character count important?

If you're in the programming or software engineering world, it is important to make sure abide by database VARCHAR string limits for example. While if doing SEO there are limits to title tags, meta descriptions and og tags.

If you are a writer or author, how much you write determines how many pages your book will be. If you have to put in too little effort, then it becomes difficult to create a very long book or article. You may also run into word limit restrictions for magazines and blogs that want enough space to show pictures and give elaborate in-depth articles.

We could say that text counts are essential for writers because they directly relate to how many pages we get our hands on. And with technology being so advanced these days, most good quality laptops and phones already contain a pre-installed copy of Microsoft Word.

Tool to Count Characters

When it comes to writing, how many text characters you have depends on what level of writer you are. For very experienced writers, they may write more because they know how to use lots of text characters effectively and maximize the number of text characters in their work.

For novice writers, there is an ideal amount of text characters that should be limited to help them learn how to organize their thoughts and put emphasis where needed.

By limiting your word count at times, you give yourself a little bit of a head start before you feel obligated to add more words to make your draft sound better.

This article will talk about why having too few text characters can hurt your story’s development, as well as some easy ways to add extra characters without taking too long.

If you want to improve your writing, trying to stick to a limited number of characters is important.

How many text count characters are too many?

Sometimes, as an avid reader you may come across a book or article that seems to go on for far longer than it should. This is usually due to very elaborate writing or a really large amount of content in one area.

Usually, this goes down along with their being no bullet points or headings to break up the text. It can become hard to focus on reading the text completely because there’s so much going on around it.

This is why we have what we call ‘text-counting characters.’ These are typically parts of the copy where the writer will use a number (usually three) as a length limit.

After the third set of text-setting characters, the reader will get distracted and put off from reading the rest of the piece.

Examples of text count in TV shows

In an episode of The Office, entitled “The Funcationals”, Michael tries to motivate his staff by telling them how many characters there are in the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. He does this by listing off all of the things that character does in each chapter- which includes having tea with Dumbledore before he dies, going into hiding as a child after killing someone, and so forth.

He then points out that there are only seven chapters in the whole book, making it have one more than half a million characters! This is a very large number!

He continues by saying that there are only eight main characters, excluding Dumbledore, who make up the rest of the story. Eight people can fill up a lot of space in a small amount of time, creating a short movie or television show.

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